A sequel to Calvin and Hobbes?

Some comic artists/fans on the web are imagining a sequel to Calvin and Hobbes called Calvin and Bacon

Everyone I know loved Calvin and Hobbes, the comic strip about a boy and his stuffed tiger. Some comic artists have now imagined a kind of sequel, where it’s 36 years later, and Calvin is all grown up and married to Susie. And he has a little girl who’s playing with the same stuffed tiger!

Each artist is a fan of the original comic strip, and it’s inspired them to create some wonderful artwork. There’s a real fondness for the original characters, and it looks like they’re trying to stay true to the spirit of Bill Watterson’s original strip. The original Calvin and Hobbes ran for 10 years, from 1985 until 1995 (according to Wikipedia), and there’s apparently a lot of people who still really miss it.

The first artist drew just four full-color “Sunday” comic strips back in 2011, according to an unofficial history of the project. Keeping with the tradition of playfully naming zany characters after famous philosophers, he’d imagined that Calvin would name his daughter Francis Bacon, and the strip was called “Calvin and Bacon”. But then other online comic artists — who were also fans of the strip — decided to continue the idea. There’s now three different cartoonists who have each created a few more strips, imagining the further adventures of Calvin, and the little girl who inherits his beloved stuffed tiger.

I thought they were inspired partly by this heart-tugging painting of a grown-up Calvin, who first re-discovers his tiger Hobbes in a box in the attic. But it looks like that painting was done in 2013. I guess it means lots of people have found memories of Calvin and Hobbes, and maybe also a secret wish that the characters would somehow magically come back!

3 thoughts on “A sequel to Calvin and Hobbes?

  1. How I always heard the sequel of Calvin and Hobbes was he gave it to his daughter and after a while it was left in his attic. When he is dying in a hospital bed, he calls for his grandson, and tells him all about Hobbes. Calvin’s grandson leaves hugging Hobbes in one hand, and waving to his grandpa in the other.

  2. Well that’s just sad. No one i know has ever heard of Calvin and Hobbes except my family so it always amazes me when I find kindred spirits out in the world missing it as much as I do. Those were the formative years of my childhood, and I wished my son would be like Calvin if i had one. Boy was that a mistake, because he was, and although it was a Tigger he still has that stuffed tiger that he found in an old junker car someone left at our house. Now it’s my grandson’s favorite comic, he even asked for his own copies for Christmas. And sits with me to read them when he is here. I hope they are doing right by Calvin with this project and I would love to help if they are still working on it. I once painted a huge mural of Calvin and Hobbes in their tree, from the Sunday book, on my home office wall. That yellow is hard to cover. Long live Calvin and those like him!

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